1,000 sq ft per 4X3 inch cylinder

The KAMI MIZU™ media contains a massive amount of surface area: 1,000 square feet per 4 inch by 3 inch cylinder or 32,000 square feet per cubic foot. Furthermore, the hollow 1 inch center of the cylindrical tubes create even more surface area for the water to pass through. The best way to achieve maximum oxidization of bio matter is to create an environment where nitrifying bacteria can function efficiently. In the nitrogen cycle, the metabolic fish waste is rendered harmless. The process of nitrification occurs in the bio filter chambers.

Most submersed systems are not as efficient because of insufficient filtration. The KAMI MIZU™ media works much more efficiently because of the infinite interconnected surface area. A 4x6 filter chamber of KAMI MIZU™ media is equivalent to a 10x10 area of gravel or matting or any other synthetic material.